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Excellent Engineer Designing



Great design is the key to ensuring the excellent performance and experience of lithium batteries. Our team of product design engineers will use computer-aided software for the structural design of battery modules, protection boards, terminals, and other functional modules (LCD indicator, Bluetooth monitoring function, RS485 communication, etc) to come up with 2D or 3D images so that you can view the final battery design.


Wholesale Lithium Iron LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer

Rigorous Testing and Inspection



All incoming materials and components are carefully tested in our factory. With a complete set of quality management systems and testing machines, we ensure that all OEM lithium batteries comply with standards before delivery. Before dispatch, the OEM lithium batteries will undergo functional tests such as charging-discharging tests and strict appearance inspections according to the production process guidelines.

48V Lithium Battery

Advanced Equipment



We boast an array of cutting-edge equipment, including battery cell cycle life testing, automated welding, high and low temperature testing, drop and vibration testing, as well as comprehensive battery pack cycle life assessment tools. Our workshop is meticulously outfitted with these advanced instruments, ensuring the delivery of top-tier products that meet our clients' exacting standards.


Technology Core

  • Home Power Storage System
    Equipped with CATL high-quality battery cell
  • Home Battery Backup
    The high-end BMS control system provides the best service for system operation and grid response
  • Home Batteries
    Equipped with first-class design,bring stable and reliable operation to the equipment


Production Process

Home Battery System

Home Battery Storage

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